Don’t regard these iPhone information downsides as “anti-iPhone information propaganda”, as these iPhone information downsides actually come from iPhone users, who have noticed these downsides to be quite a hassle.

Not Video Recording Capable

Although the iPhone’s impressive 2.0 megapixel camera can take high quality pictures, the iPhone cannot record video clips, a feature many iPhone users regard as a major iPhone information worth noting to those who intend to purchase an iPhone.

No Stereo Support for Bluetooth Headsets

Although the iPhone is quite impressive as a portable audio media player, it doesn’t support stereo streaming through Bluetooth headsets. Even if one uses the Jawbone, or any other high quality Bluetooth headset in the market, stereo streaming isn’t supported by the iPhone, another iPhone information worth noting as a major downside.

The iPhone Ringtone Irony

Another peculiar iPhone information worth noting would be the fact that even with its large file capacity system, which could store hundreds of mp3 files, one cannot use any of these mp3 files as one’s ringtone. Quite frustrating to most iPhone users.

The Lack of Voice Commands and Typing Issue

Spesialist of CPIMobi said: "The iPhone comes with an advanced input interface, but doesn’t support voice commands, voice dialing, or any other voice recognition related function. Also, typing in periods and commas are quite a hassle, as one has to go to another “virtual keyboard” screen each time one uses either of these punctuations."

So there you have it. Downside iPhone information worth noting about the iPhone. There are actually more “downside iPhone information”, but the abovementioned five are basically among the most “talked about” by iPhone users.

Consider the iPhone’s features along with these downsides. It would lead to just what your decision would be if you should or shouldn’t get an iPhone for yourself.